We are LORIET SPORTS, a premier lifestyle tennis clothing brand, born in New York City and based in Florida.

While tennis runs in our blood, our products are designed to fit most athletic activities, offering a greater functionality that our wearers truly enjoy.

Illustrated by our logo, the “WEAR THE LION” mantra is all about believing in yourself, following your instincts and taking charge.

Loriet Sports is dedicated to making the absolute best performance apparel through advanced fabrics and craftsmanship.

As a tennis player fresh from collegiate and international competition, and coaching a Division I NCAA tennis team, I noticed that the apparel being offered to players was a far cry from what had been available a few years prior. As a result, I dedicated the last semester of my MBA studies to the creation of a high quality tennis brand, made from innovative materials, for athletes by athletes.

In collaboration with industry insiders, players, coaches, and fashion designers, Loriet launched its first collection at the 2005 WTA Tournament in Amelia Island, Florida. Today, Loriet is recognized and promoted by over a dozen professionals and thousands of sports enthusiasts worldwide.

As Loriet continues to reach new heights, we believe in partnering with communities and organizations across the country and the globe, to support current generations and to make the world a greater and healthier place for the future. We invite to wear the Lion and let us join you in this journey!

Mehdy Karbid
Founder & CEO


LORIET [Lôr-í-èt/Lor-ē-āt] - Commonly Spelled: LAUREATE
A person who has been honored for achieving distinction in a particular field.

The Loriet Lion is a symbol of leadership and strength, kings, fearsome warriors and heroes. The Lion’s powerful wings illustrate the ability to transcend limits.


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