In 2004, as a tennis player fresh from collegiate and international competition and coaching a Division I men’s tennis team, I noticed that the apparel being offered to players was a far cry from what had been available only half a decade earlier.

So with a small but dedicated team of athletes and industry insiders, we charged into choppy waters and created Loriet’s first collection; an innovative fusion of tennis, running, surf and soccer.

Over a decade later, Loriet is now present on four continents and promoted by academies and players worldwide.

Our 'Team Loriet' brand ambassador program has been key to building a strong network of devoted 'Loriet Lion' wearers, allowing us to enhance our position in many areas of the U.S. and abroad.

We are looking forward to expanding our exciting collaborations with talented athletes and fantastic customers in the years to come.

M. Karbid
Founder and CEO