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  3 Ways Yoga Can Enhance Your Game When I first started teaching yoga, I was on a mission to enroll everyone I met in the practice. When speaking with people who were unfamiliar to yoga I would often be asked “Why do you love yoga so much? I know it makes you stretchy and bendy but why is it so great?” My answer was often, “It’s just so amazing, you have to try it.” The shift I was experiencing was challenging to put into words. “Words fail to convey the total value of yoga. It has to be experienced.” -...

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5 WAYS TO GENTLY DETOX:  Life can be a hustle and bustle. On a daily basis we can build up toxins in our body from indulging in a little vino, a tasty dessert, eating non-organic food, being exposed to second-hand smoke and other environmental pollutants. Therefore, it is important to help eliminate those toxins throughout the day so we can operate as our best functioning selves. Start your day with organic hot lemon water to stimulate your system for better nutrient absorption and to promote healthy waste removal to feel light and fluid for your day. Integrate a green juice...

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Since arriving in Sarasota FL we have met some of the fiercest athletes, incredible yoginis, motivated entrepreneurs, and positive lifestyle practitioners.  For the next few Fridays Loriet will be sharing guest posts from the amazing women of Bliss Entourage whose positive message, active lifestyle and healthy inspiration is a perfect way to jump start your weekend!  #FeelgoodFriday #BEActive #BEHappy #BeCourageous #BeHuman #BEYou #BlissEntourage #LifeinLoriet #LorietLifestyle

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